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Solar Installations

Solar Systems Sales & Installation

Whether you are looking for a new home installation or a large scale commercial installation for your business, we are a local team that has the experience to get the job done to the highest standard, so you can start enjoying the savings that a solar system can provide as soon as possible.

We are your residential solar specialists! Do you own your home? You may be eligible for government rebates that can dramatically lower your upfront costs and get you saving even sooner!

We are available for jobs right across Queensland!

Browse some of our Installations

Renewable Energy Solutions: Solar Panels & Battery Storage for Commercial & Residential Premises

At Big Sky Energy, we provide innovative solar panel systems to reduce your business’s energy overheads in Brisbane. Start saving on your energy bills now and improve your bottom line with our tailored solar solutions.

Specializing in high-quality solar panel installations, we empower homeowners across Brisbane with renewable energy solutions. Reduce your power bill and enjoy a greener lifestyle with our top-tier installations.

Harness the latest in battery storage technology to optimize your solar system’s effectiveness. Discover affordable solar battery storage solutions with us and take a step towards energy independence today.

We have completed over 9000 installs.

Here some of the things our customers have to say.

We refuse to follow industry trends or offer cheap or poor quality products that are advertised through the media.  We continually research quality products and systems that meet the harsh Australian conditions which will be suitable for our customers and deliver these with a quality installation that will last the distance.

We only offer strong product brands and tier 1 quality panels that have authentic warranties to give our customers as much peace of mind as possible. From the straightforward, single-component installation to the most complex, multi-state projects, we can handle the job safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Our priorities of customer satisfaction, value, and quality means we continue to hold our prominent position within the solar industry.

Solar Power Specialists

Our expertise, combined with our top of the range solar power systems and solar batteries, have helped thousands of homeowners and business’s convert to sustainable energy.

Find our how you can save on your energy bills by Contacting us Monday – Friday (8am-4pm)

Competitive Pricing

We recognise that an investment in solar power will likely be one of the biggest and possibly best investments you’ll make.  This is why we strive to provide competitive pricing to meet our customers budgets, as well as ensuring you that you will save as much as possible on your power bill with the right solar system for your needs.

Quality Service & Support

We are committed to providing quality services and solutions for our customers today and into the future. We also provide comprehensive energy services that will help you start saving today and are flexible enough to adjust to the changing needs of your home or business. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority.

20+ years of experience

We have a great team of solar energy specialists with over 20 years of experience in the electrical and energy industries. Having installed over 9,000 Solar Systems, you can be confident in our ability to deliver a quality system designed for your specific needs.

Why Choose Big Sky Energy?

At Big Sky Energy Solar we pride ourselves on being unique market leaders, having installed over 9000 solar power systems in Queensland and NSW. Big Sky Energy Solar is a locally run and family owned business who have installed countless systems across both residential and commercial industries,

Big Sky Solar refuses to follow trends or offer cheap or poor quality products. We are continually researching products and systems to meet Australian conditions to ensure our customers receive top quality products.

Areas we Cover

If you’re based in the bustling city of Brisbane or the surrounding areas, then we are available to provide you with a quality solar panel installation for an energy-efficient solution to your rising energy bills. Whether you’re a home or business owner, solar panels are an excellent way to allow you to invest in your property as well as saving money.

Solar panels are a source of clean energy that can help you as a business or individual in Brisbane reduce your carbon footprint as well as drastically reduce your energy bills.

We offer commercial solar panels, residential solar systems and solar storage options across the Gold Coast. We have installed thousands of solar-powered systems in this area and won’t be stopping any time soon!

In this incredibly consistent sunny part of the world, solar energy can really thrive. More sunshine equates to more power, so having solar panels installed on the Gold Coast can act as an incredibly efficient way to ensure a reliable source of energy for your property.

Are you ready to install solar panels on your home in the Central Coast? Our expert installation team can help you.

Invest In A Solar Panel System Today!

Solar panels boast so many benefits, especially the solar panel systems that we provide. If you, as a homeowner or business owner, are looking to join the renewable energy movement, then contact us today for expert installation of a supply of high-quality solar panels systems across Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and satellite cities across Queensland.

Solar Inverters Brisbane

Solar inverters are an important component of your solar panel system. A solar inverter is a kind of computer that inverts energy collected from your solar panels, helping to convert solar panel energy from DC to AC, so it can be utilised in your property.

We supply and install solar inverters that are designed to suit the requirements of your building. We offer top quality solar inverter options to clients across Brisbane and throughout Queensland.

We’re Sure.

If you are wanting to install solar panels for your home or business, you will need a solar inverter to go with them. We strive to provide an excellent service to equip your property with both of these renewable energy systems and get you saving with solar now.

Solar Panels Brisbane

Our solar panels are highly effective and we use only the highest quality products that are a result of thorough research and testing.

Our tier 1 solar panels are ideal for the Australian climate and they are incredibly durable and can save you a large amount of money over the years.

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