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5kW Vs. 10kW Solar Panel Systems

5kW Vs. 10kW Solar Panel Systems

If you are in the market for a solar panel system in Queensland for your home or business, you may find yourself researching just what the differences are between the 5kW and 10kW systems that are available on the market.

Are you a larger family, or running a small business? How much sun does your property receive on an average day? These are factors that you will need to consider when choosing what kW size you wish to install for your new solar panel system.

Find out more about how your specific energy usage will affect the size of your system you will need below.

Your average energy usage

The size system you install, which is how many panels you will need, and therefore the number of kW of your new system, will depend on your current average energy usage and your near-future plans for energy usage at the property.

Are you a couple or a small family?

If there are few adults in the household and you do not run any appliances that take extra energy that would make your usage above average, a 5kW system may be all you need for your needs.

This size system is more affordable and will mean that the financial benefits of installing solar will be felt sooner than if you installed a bigger system that produces excessive energy which is not needed for your needs on a daily basis.

Are you a larger family?

If you are a larger family, a 6.6 kW system may provide the extra energy needed to meet the larger demands of this size household. It will also likely help your family to be less reliant on the grid which in turn may also help you save more money in the long term.

If your family uses a lot of energy on average, it is worth considering installing a 10kW solar system. Over time, families are using more and more energy as more small appliances are used more frequently and working and schooling from home is becoming more common. A 10kW system may future-proof your energy needs over the next few years of consumption.

The experts at Big Sky Energy can discuss your needs in detail and determine as accurately as possible your needs and what size solar panel system you should invest in.

Are you a small commercial business?

Many small businesses can operate and experience the benefits of a 10kW system as well as an option for solar panel installation in Queensland.

Small offices, cafes, and shops are examples of businesses that may receive enough energy to operate efficiently and save money for the sake of the business by investing in a 10kW solar panel system.

You can discuss your specific needs with our experts and they will be able to accurately tell you if a 10kW system will be the best option for your needs.

Go bigger?

Another aspect to keep in mind is if you install a 10kW system, you will still have the ability to upgrade down the track by adding more panels to your system if they are needed to meet your requirements.

Are you ready to go?

Are you ready to get started on your new solar panel installation? Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your energy needs in more detail and to receive a customised quote and recommendations for your needs.

We are able to assist you with top-of-the-line solar panel installation right across Queensland, so get started and move towards your more sustainable future today!

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