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Are Solar Batteries Worth The Investment?

Are Solar Batteries Worth the Investment?

Solar batteries are an innovative and advanced technology being used more and more as solar storage to store energy collected from your solar system.

As your solar panels absorb the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity, the power passes through an inverter, ready for your home to use. By adding a battery to your system, you can store this electricity for later use.

Whether or not solar batteries are worth the investment for you will depend on your home, circumstances, and lifestyle.

Let’s dive deeper into the world of solar, helping you make the best decision for yourself, your family, or your business in Queensland.

Consider your location

First, think about the location of your home or business. Is your domestic solar system connected to the energy grid? If so, it means electricity will continue to run through your home, even if your panels aren’t keeping up with demand.

At the same time, when you produce more than you consume, the excess energy will go back into the grid. This process is known as net metering.

When net metering occurs, you’ll receive a credit on your next electricity bill, reducing the amount you need to pay.

This credit is called a feed-in tariff, and the amount you receive will depend on your location. Some localities offer high rates, while others are almost negligible.

If you’re living off-grid or rural, you won’t have access to net metering—so investing in a solar battery is a smart choice to help your system stay online when you need it.

Think about your lifestyle

Even if your system connects to the energy grid, you could still benefit from installing a solar battery. Consider your lifestyle and your goals—are you interested in becoming more energy independent?

When you derive energy from solar batteries, you won’t need to buy as much electricity from the grid. This way, you can save money and ensure you’ll always have access to reliable power, even through fluctuations and blackouts.

For example, using a solar battery can increase your solar usage by up to 80%. As such, you’ll avoid rising electricity costs and promote sustainable energy.

Solar Storage Unit Near Switchbox — Solar Specialists Rockhampton

Finally, look at your unique circumstances

To ultimately determine if a solar battery will benefit you, consider your circumstances. For example, are you seeking a battery for your home or commercial building in Queensland?

How much energy do you, your family, or your workmates use per year? How common are power failures in your community?

Maintaining consistent power is crucial for businesses, especially if you work with computers or other electronics. A solar battery will ensure your business can manage peak demand and continue to run through power outages, keeping your equipment and data safe.

Ready to start saving on energy costs?

So, are solar batteries worth the investment? Essentially, if you live off-grid, power your business premises with solar, or want to boost your energy independence, solar batteries are an excellent choice as an addition to your solar system.

If you’re interested in installing solar batteries in your home or workplace, it’s best to chat with an expert to find out if it is the right investment for your home or business.

Our expert team at Big Sky Energy is ready to answer your questions or put together a quote for you, so get in touch with our experts today to get started.

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