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Brisbane – The Perfect Place For Solar

Brisbane – the perfect place for solar

There is something refreshing about UV Index Graphdriving down one of the residential streets in Brisbane and seeing rooftop after rooftop lined with solar energy systems.

Our incredibly long summer has seen Big Sky Energy customers earn a great return on their solar investment, with an average of nine to 10 hours of sunshine a day.

These long summer days have resulted in more efficient production of solar energy and a lesser reliance on grid power – a win for you as the consumer and the environment.

According to the Clean Energy Regulator, solar systems are now the second highest energy producer in Queensland, with Brisbane residents leading the way for a cleaner future.

Queensland leads the country with 433,770 of the 1,393,526 solar installations nationwide. A quarter of houses in the State now have rooftop solar panels.

With most of the year taken up by pure sunshine, Queensland and in particular its capital, Brisbane really is the perfect place for solar energy systems.

Take this year for example. Brisbane sweltered through its hottest day on record in January, with the Bureau of Meteorology saying the city averaged 27.2C, well above the mean temperature for the month of 25.4C.

These temperatures continued for some of February and have only recently started to drop slightly.

This has been great news for our solar customers, who have experienced fantastic returns on their systems.

Big Sky Energy specialises in high quality solar power solution and renewable energy options to residential homeowners in Brisbane.

Our systems can be individually designed to suit your needs and reduce your power bill.

Talk to us about the most affordable and flexible solar battery storage solutions for your needs.

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