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SAVE up to $100 per year on your energy bills by installing Solar Panels with Big Sky Energy!

Save hours of research time
Get up to 4 quotes by filling in only 1 quick form

Save hours of research time
Get up to 4 quotes by filling in only 1 quick form

Save hours of research time
Get up to 4 quotes by filling in only 1 quick form

Save hours of research time
Get up to 4 quotes by filling in only 1 quick form

Can I Install Solar Myself?

residential solar panels on a roof in Brisbane

If you’ve been researching residential solar panels installation in Queensland, you may be wondering if it’s possible to install the panels on your roof yourself.

In Australia, strict standards and regulations apply to low-voltage electrical and solar installations. These standards include guidelines for maintenance and installation along with safety and design requirements.

This article will walk you through these regulations and explain why DIY solar installation is a not a good idea and why you should always work with a professional to complete solar panel installation in Queensland.

Solar Panel on the Residential House — Solar Specialists Queensland

Australian solar standards

Here’s a quick rundown of Australia’s primary standards for solar and other low-voltage electrical installations.

For PV or photovoltaic solar systems—which are the most common solar systems found in Australian households—you’ll need to comply with the standards laid out in the Australian Government’s Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000.

These standards will ensure the installer designs and places the solar panels safely, preventing lightning damage and reducing other risks.

Remember, the Clean Energy Regulator is liable to randomly inspect solar installations to ensure they meet Australian building and electrical standards.

Few Australians are aware of these standards and how to guarantee compliance. When you choose a licensed and accredited electrician to install your system, you’ll enjoy safety and peace of mind.

Why DIY solar installation is dangerous

If you’re still considering installing your new solar system yourself, consider these dangers.

DIY solar installation is risky not only for you but for your home, too. Just think—you’ll be working with a complicated electrical system for several hours at a great height.

With hours of exhertion—and the effort required to move multiple panels weighing 20 kilograms or more—fatigue is a serious risk.

And when you’re up high, fatigue is especially dangerous.

Also, unless you’re a licensed electrician, working with electricity is a risky business. A single solar panel can release 200 volts of electricity or more, making electrocution a real potential risk.

Finally, if you install the solar system wiring incorrectly, you could damage the system or ignite an electrical fire accidentally.

Unless you have years of training and experience in this kind of work (and have access to the appropriate equipment), the money you could save on a DIY job won’t be worth the risk to your health or the outcome.

residential solar panels on a roof in Brisbane

Hire a professional and keep your warranty intact

Many domestic solar systems come with a warranty, reflecting the manufacturer’s pride and confidence in their product. If something goes wrong, you won’t need to pay a hefty fee for replacements or repair.

However, to keep your system’s warranty intact, you’ll need to follow the manufacturer’s installation guidelines. Any mistakes could void your warranty entirely, leaving you to pay all costs.

Talk to the experts

Installing solar is a dangerous and complex job. That’s why it’s always best to work with a professional solar system installation company when getting a new installation in Queensland.

If you’re ready to start your solar journey—or simply have a question about our renewable energy systems, get in touch with the experts at Big Sky Energy. We’ll happily discuss your household’s needs or organise a consultation for a quote.




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