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Invest in the Future of Your Business and the Future of Energy!

We understand that your energy bill can be one of the biggest overheads for your business. Your power bill is an overhead that is eating away at your profits year after year.

We have the products and expertise you need to turn this completely around, so you can make money from your power usage from now on. Working throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Rockhampton, Gladstone, Townsville and Mackay, we are your commercial solar power specialists committed to helping you make the most of solar.

Our Big Sky Energy head office has a 19KW system that makes us $7,000 per year, we have free electricity, pay our rates and insurance, and still have money left over!  This is what we want to do for you and your business, so contact us now to find out more and get started.

We can develop a solar solution for you that will reduce or even wipe out the demand on your budget.

We have vast experience creating bespoke commercial solar solutions for corporate campuses, agricultural operations, big-box stores, medical centres, schools, public utilities, and many more.

From empty roofs to open fields and expansive parking lots, we expertly assess every site to ensure maximum solar energy is captured to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Solar Panels — Solar Specialists Queensland

Solar Panel on Sunset — Solar Specialists Queensland

Why Should I Switch My Business to Solar?

Your energy bills is likely one of your biggest overheads, especially if you have warehouses to light, fridges and freezers to run, or office computer networks. As the number of businesses that rely on energy infrastructure increases, having a self-sufficient solar system will likely be a large competitive advantage.

If you have plenty of room for solar panels on your business property, you can even sell any extra power back to the grid, creating another revenue stream for your business. When the time comes to sell or upgrade your business premises, solar panels are a huge asset and can increase the value of your property for the future.

solar panels brisbane Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Create a Sustainable Solution For Your Business

More and more customers are looking for eco-friendly and sustainable companies to align with. The impact of businesses on climate change is also a topic of concern in the community, so it’s important to take these concerns from your customer seriously.

At Big Sky Energy, we are passionate about helping other businesses embrace the green revolution and switch to cleaner, renewable energy. We can work with your business to create a bespoke energy solution that ensures maximum performance, a reliable supply and a cost-effective option for many years to come.

We have a variety of options available, including carport systems, rooftop systems and ground systems so even if you don’t have any roof space, we can create an energy solution that works for you.

Take Advantage of Solar Rebates Now

In Queensland, there are a number of benefits to installing a commercial solar system, including the financial incentives available from the Australian Government.

The Government is also offering a solar subsidy to businesses and instant assets write-off for solar systems, so it’s the perfect time to upgrade to a commercial solar system as a business in Queensland.

The Queensland Business Energy Savers Program offers a range of support services for businesses including free energy audits and co-contributions to fund energy-efficiency upgrades. Small businesses can also apply for the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme to help with the purchase cost of a solar system.

Solar Power for Schools in Queensland

A solar system on a roof of a commercial building

Invest in Your Companys' Future Today

Without the stress of power bills, you can free your business from those overheads and invest in the things that really matter for your business.

If you’re passionate about switching to green, it’s the perfect time to invest in a new commercial solar system. Our solar systems are designed to last for decades, created from innovative and top of the line materials. Our products and installations are also optimised for performance in the harsh Queensland climate.

Commercial Grade Solar Power Systems

Rooftop Solar Systems

Rooftop Systems

Lower electric bills and, since solar panels block the sun’s heat, reduce cooling costs. We have solar solutions for all roof types whether flat, standing seam or sloped and our pitched roof mounting system can be customized to suit any job.

Ground Solar Power Systems

Ground Systems

If you have plenty of land but no roof space, then the Ground Mount is an alternative solution that will maximise open areas to generate power for nearby buildings and equipment. Our Ground product line provides the flexibility to accommodate any ground mount solution.

Carport Solar Power Systems

Carport Systems

From one parking spot to thousands, our carport systems shade vehicles or even livestock for rural applications while generating clean solar energy. Optional charging stations can be added fuel electric vehicles, easily offsetting new EV energy loads.

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