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At Big Sky Energy, we understand that your energy bill can be one of the biggest overheads related to your overall business. Your power bill is an overhead that may be eating away at your profits. We can assist you to turn this completely around, enabling you to make money from your power usage. Working throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Rockhampton, Gladstone, Townsville and Mackay, we are your commercial solar power specialists.

We strive to completely eradicate our customer’s power bills, in order to do this a specific system must be designed to meet the customers and our expectations.

Our Big Sky Energy head office has a 19KW system that makes us $7,000 per year, we have free electricity, pay our rates and insurance and still have money left over!  This is what we want to do for you and your business, contact us now to find out more

We will develop a power solution for you in the same way as our business, a Solar solution that will reduce or even wipe out the demand on your budget.

This gives our customers peace of mind to trust us to put our knowledge of alternative energy solutions, guidelines and legislation to work for them. When your organisation makes the change to renewable solar energy, you’ll recognise immediate energy savings straight away.  This will protect you against future power rate increases that can threaten your financial stability into the future.

We have vast experience in commercial solar solutions through our completed projects on corporate campuses, agricultural operations, big-box stores, medical centres, schools, public utilities, and more. From empty roofs to open fields and expansive parking lots, we expertly assess every site to ensure maximum solar optimisation to meet our customers expectations.

Solar Panels — Solar Specialists Queensland

Solar Panel on Sunset — Solar Specialists Queensland

Commercial Grade Solar Power Systems

Rooftop Solar Systems

Rooftop Systems

Lower electric bills and, since solar panels block the sun’s heat, reduce cooling costs. We have solar solutions for all roof types whether flat, standing seam or sloped and our pitched roof mounting system can be customized to suit any job.

Ground Solar Power Systems

Ground Systems

If you have plenty of land but no roof space, then the Ground Mount is an alternative solution that will maximise open areas to generate power for nearby buildings and equipment. Our Ground product line provides the flexibility to accommodate any ground mount solution.

Carport Solar Power Systems

Carport Systems

From one parking spot to thousands, our carport systems shade vehicles or even livestock for rural applications while generating clean solar energy. Optional charging stations can be added fuel electric vehicles, easily offsetting new EV energy loads.

Big Sky Energy Suppliers

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