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How Do Solar Panels Work?

How do solar panels work?

With solar energy becoming an increasingly popular energy source in Australia, more and more people are considering making the switch to solar systems in Brisbane and South East Queensland.

Today, the cost of purchasing and installing solar panels is reducing and the power they are able to capture increasing.

We’ve put together a guide to explain in detail for you to learn more about solar panels, how they work, and some of their many benefits for homeowners and businesses.

How do solar panels actually work?

Solar panels absorb light from the sun after they’ve been positioned on the roof of your house or commercial building to best capture as much light as possible throughout the day as well as throughout the year.

The panels then go on to convert this sunlight into DC energy. This travels into your house where it is converted to AC energy.

This energy then powers your electrical appliances and all other household power needs. Good systems will supply enough to power all of your needs. Systems that are connected to the grid that fall short in supply can receive more power when needed.

If more energy is being produced than what you’re using, then the excess energy will be sent to an electric grid which will be available for use when you need it.

Systems that are connected to a solar battery system can hold excess power generated at the home to be used when needed instead.

How Solar Storage Systems Work

In summary

1. Solar panels absorb sunlight and convert it to DC energy.

2. DC energy is converted to AC energy.

3. This power moves through the system and powers all devices and appliances.

4. Excess electricity travels back to the electric grid or to battery storage.

Advantages of solar panels

Renewable energy

As long as you have good access to strong sun, solar energy is a continuous source of free energy for you to collect.

It is an ideal solution as it doesn’t pollute, create noise, or even produce greenhouse gases.

Decreases electricity bills

As you’re using energy that is free from the sun through the solar panels, your electricity bills will fall.

Did you know that you may also even have the potential to earn money by selling unused energy to the electric grid?

Minimal maintenance

All you need to do with your solar panel is ensure that they are kept clean and debris is removed if found to ensure that they capture as much energy as possible.

The inverter needs to be monitored like any household electrical device, but panels are very hard wearing and can last for many years without significant maintenance.

Solar panels on a roof in Brisbane

Why should you opt for solar panels?

Not only do solar panels reduce your electricity bills long-term, but they also allow you to live more sustainably by reducing your carbon footprint.

Why is my solar system not working?

If your solar system is not producing energy, it’s usually due to one of two reasons: there is no power used or your inverter is faulty.

You should call a solar repair professional, usually an electrician, to look into your specific issue and find a solution. If you attempt to fix an issue yourself, this could be dangerous and you may void a product or installation warranty.

If you’d like to learn more about solar panel products that are available for installation for homes and businesses in Brisbane, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and expert team at Big Sky Energy today.

We have installed solar systems in Brisbane and across the region for thousands of clients and have the experience to provide you with the top advice possible for your specific situation.

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