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How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?

How many solar panels do I need?

If you are planning solar panel installation in Brisbane for your home, you’re probably wondering how many solar panels you are going to need and how you can work this out.

Knowing how many solar panels you require is critical to ensuring that your system is producing the right amount of electricity every day for your home.

Not sure how to calculate how many panels will be right for your property? Carry on reading to find out more and for our advice.

How much solar power do you need?

Calculating how much power you need and use will determine how many panels you’re going to install. You’ll have to look at your monthly utility bills in order to calculate what your average use is in a 24-hour period.

For example, if your monthly energy consumption in August was 155 kWh, then your daily consumption is 5 kWh. This means that your solar system should generate an average of 5 kWh daily.

Once you know how much energy you use per day, you can organise a quote with a reputable solar company that will be able to tell you accurately how many panels you will need to produce this amount of clean energy and how much it will cost you to install.

How much sunlight can you expect to receive?

Peak sunlight or the amount of time that your panels will receive direct sunlight is going to play an important part in how many panels you need.

If your home doesn’t receive a lot of peak sunlight hours, you may need to install more panels to get the amount of energy that you require. If your home does receive a lot of peak sunlight hours, you won’t need to install as many panels.

Carefully placing your panels to receive the most amount of direct sunlight throughout the day will also benefit you greatly.

If you find that you use the most amount of power in the morning, try placing your panels in an east-facing direction.

Many Solar Panels On Commercial Roof — Solar Specialists Rockhampton

Your energy goals

Your energy goals are going to play a big factor in deciding how many panels you are going to need to include in your solar system.

The amount of energy that you want your panels to produce, or the amount of money that you want to save on your future electricity bills, will dictate the size of your system.

Do you want to just cover some of your energy needs or do you want to become completely self-sufficient?

Having a clear goal in mind and sharing this with your solar panel installation company will help you make a sound decision.

What are you waiting for?

Figuring out how many panels you need doesn’t have to be difficult. If you are planning on installing solar panels in Queensland and need a professional and friendly team to help get your solar energy needs sorted, get in touch with us today.

We can walk you through your specific needs and give you a free quote once all aspects have been considered. We can ensure that you will be well informed and confident in your solar panel system installation in Brisbane with Big Sky Energy.

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