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Solar Battery Storage

Solar Battery Storage

The limitation in solar panels only providing energy for your home during the day is become less and less of a concern for homeowners seeking to ditch fossil fuels for more renewable energy sources.
And this is thanks to the incredible advancements in solar batteries.
At Big Sky Energy, we see solar batteries as a game-changer for the residential market, revolutionising the way people use energy from the sun.
With solar batteries, you’re able to store the energy generated by your solar panels and when the sun has gone down and it is peak time for electricity the battery will then distribute it to your household.
This process is called self-consumption and it can almost double a household’s use of solar, which is pretty incredible considering the energy we use at night is higher than during the day (in most homes).
If you’re confused about solar batteries and their purpose, the easiest way to think of the device is as a storage space for solar energy.
Back in the day, before solar batteries changed solar power forever, your system would have just switched off and started using other energy sources as soon as the sun went down.
But now, if your household is equipped with a solar grid system and a solar battery, you can store energy for use at night, during times of heavy energy consumption, or other periods of time when you may not have as much sunlight as you need to keep up with your energy demands.
Solar batteries are truly bridging the gap between peak solar and peak demand, which means you need the grid less and will save on your electricity bills   and who doesn’t want that!

If you’re thinking investing in a solar battery, here are some big names you should know about:

Tesla Power Wall


Tesla’s Powerwall battery
This creation is leading the way in revolutionising solar energy storage.
The compact device allows you to store up to 10kW of solar power.
The battery is designed for regular discharge and even comes with a 10-year warranty.



LG-Eguana’s AC BatteryLG Chem Solar Power
LG Chem teamed up with Eguana to create a fully functional and durable home battery, perfect for residential use.
The battery boasts frequency regulation, demand response, and feeder voltage support.
It allows you to use your own photovoltaics, regulate power frequency, and is rated for reliability and long-term performance.

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