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The Many Benefits Of Solar Panel Cleaning

The Many Benefits of Solar Panel Cleaning

If you have recently installed a solar panel system in Queensland, you’re probably wondering what kind of care and cleaning your panels are going to need over their lifetime in our harsh climate.

While solar panels in general usually require very little maintenance once they’re installed, as with any system, they do require a little TLC to keep them functioning at their best.

Knowing what the benefits are to keeping your panels clean can help keep you on top of regular maintenance work. Take a look at the top benefits here.

What are the benefits of solar panel cleaning?

Solar panels are generally installed at a right angle or tilt so that when a storm or good downpour of rain sweeps through your region, they generally self-clean.

However, if you live in an area that doesn’t receive a lot of rain or somewhere that is particularly dusty and windy, your panels may not be receiving sufficient cleaning from the elements alone.

This is also applicable if you live on the coast. Salty air can leave a sticky film on your panels that is difficult to remove without a proper clean. This makes cleaning your solar panels pivotal if you want them to function at their optimal capacity all year round.


One of the main benefits of solar panel cleaning is efficiency. Clean solar panels are going to deliver a much higher energy output than dirty panels will.

Without regular cleaning, dirt, dust, and bird droppings can accumulate on the protective glass of the solar panels, which will gradually decrease the amount of sunlight that the solar cells receive every day.

Solar panels that are not receiving as much vital sunlight and are not able to perform at optimum capacity could end up costing you more when your system then relies on the grid to make up for your panels’ inefficiency.

Regular cleans to remove debris, dust, salt air and dirt can do wonders to improve their efficiency at producing electricity.

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Protect your investment

Regular cleaning of your solar panel system in Queensland will likely help to extend its lifespan. Dirty solar panels that are not regularly maintained and cleaned may not even last as long.

Solar panels are a big investment and should be treated as such. If they are not regularly cleaned, they can become stained and damaged, especially if debris such as bird droppings is left on them for too long.

Looking after your panels and ensuring that they are clean will not only help to produce the greatest amount of electricity but will also ensure that your panels are not degrading faster than they should.

Ultimately, regular cleaning ensures you get the most return on your investment possible.

Call in a professional

Planning ahead and calling in a professional is a great idea. A professional can help keep your solar panels nice and clean and visits on a regular basis could extend the life of your solar panel system.

Regular solar power cleaning is important if you want your panels to function at their very best.

Our experts know how to install new solar panels and how to keep them performing at optimal capacity, so contact our team today for a free quote on a new solar panel system installation in Queensland today.

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