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What Happens On Cloudy Days With Solar Power?

What happens on cloudy days with solar power?

Solar panels are a great way to bring power to your home in a way that is energy-efficient and reliable. They are both good for your home and can have a positive impact on the planet.

One of the most frequent concerns that clients raise is wondering what happens with solar systems on cloudy days. Can you expect to enjoy the same amount of energy production you are used to on sunny days?

Wondering what you can expect when it comes to your Brisbane solar panels on cloudy days – read on to find out more.

Solar panels on cloudy days

This is the biggest thing that is asked about solar power – will it work under cloud cover?

The answer is yes! Your system will not work as effectively, meaning it will not be able to gather as much power – generating between ten to twenty-five percent of the output you can expect on a bright and sunny day.

However, solar power does not run purely on sunshine – it generates electricity using light, which means that even sunlight coming from behind a cloud can give your system the boost it needs to give you power.

The power of solar batteries

Remember that solar panels usually generate more energy than you might need on any given day. A solar battery helps you to control how you use the excess energy, allowing you to keep it and use it when solar energy is not being produced.

This is especially useful in the evenings, or during bad weather. You can discuss your solar power system needs with one of our experts to determine if a solar battery is the right option for you.

Getting more from solar power

As you know, solar panels can generate more power when the sun is out in full force. However, there are some ways that you can increase this so that you are getting the most from your panels on any day.

For example, discuss with your installer how you can best position your panels. You will want to place them facing the sun as much as possible, and away from any shade.

Even rainy countries enjoy solar power

If you are worried about those cloudy days, remember that our climate is well suited to solar power. Even cloudy countries, such as Germany and England, take advantage of solar power, though they have considerably more rainy days than we do.

No matter where you are, solar power is a wonderful way to reduce your energy bills and increase your energy efficiency every day.

Talk to the experts

Are you looking for the best possible solar systems option for your home?

We are lucky to have such a great climate for solar systems in Queensland, so now is the ideal time to take advantage of this if you are a home owner especially.

Whether you are ready for solar power and want to organise a free quote or you just want to find out if solar power is the best option for you and your home, we can help.

Get in touch with Big Sky Energy for assistance and expert advice on both domestic and commercial solar panel options to suit your property.

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